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16th August 2021 – FOOD FACTORY OF THE PLANT!! An activity for students of Grade II.

Children of Grade II enjoyed an experiment with leaves on the 16th of August. Children became scientists by investigating. The burning question was "What happens to a leaf if it is placed inside a glass filled with water for two

17th August 2021- WILL MAKE THEM STRONG! An activity for students of Grade III.

“What dish should I prepare for my weak soldiers?”- Students of Grade -III, were given this problem-based situation on 17th August 2021 and they came up with their suggestions of different dishes which they thought would help the tired and

19th August 2021-LET’S DISCOVER THE WATERPROOF MATERIAL! A session for students of Grade I.

Children have an inbuilt drive for discovery. On 19th August 2021, students of Grade I learned about the rainy season through a story, series of activities, and a simple experiment. The teacher creatively used Google Jamboard and the thinking hats

“19th August 2021- HOW MANY ARE STILL LEFT?An activity for substracting numbers for students of Grade III. “

Gems, cashews or groundnuts? What are we going to do with them? Grade III students were clueless until they were asked to take away a few of them and guess the remaining number. On 19th Aug 2021, this activity was

19th August 2021- Our young minds set out on a journey of thinking and reflection! A Short snippet movie about Junk Food for students of Grade IV.

As a part of the Inquiry 'How do we know what we are eating, are we eating right?' students of Grade IV were shown a short snippet from the movie The Global Junk Food on 19th August. Children were familiarised

23rd August 2021 – AI IN MODERN FARMING! A webinar by Mr. Abhishek for students of Grade VI.

On 23rd August 2021, As a part of their PBL inquiry - How will you design a customised plan for any user to grow one or two plant products that are essential in the user's eating habits?, a webinar was

24th August 2021- GLIMPSES OF ANTARCTICA! A guest speaker session for students of Grade VIII.

A guest speaker session was organised for Grade VIII on 24th August. Students had the sheer pleasure of having a brilliant and tremendously captivating virtual tour taken across by Mr. L Prem Kishore with his expertise in Seismological and Geodetic

26th August 2021 – A QCT seesion was conducted on the theme ‘Rishte’ for students of Grdae VI.

The theme of the week for QCT was "Rishte" when translated in English means "Relations" which was conducted on 26th August 2021. In today's world of pandemic and lockdown, we are locked up in our own space. This is drifting

” 27th August 2021- JANMASHTAMI CELEBRATIONS by students of Pre – Primary. “

What do young children relate better to? Nothing better than seeing one of their favourite cartoon characters being naughty like them, doing naughty things, being mischievous and being punished for his mischief. More than that they enjoy celebrating birthdays. Our

27th August 2021- Discovering Krishna! Story telling session by Ms. Preethi Bharadwaj for students of Grades I- III and Stgaes 1 – 3.

Do you enjoy listening to a story? I’m sure most of us do!! Why wouldn’t we! As storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener's

27th August 2021 – A QCT session was conducetd on the topic ‘Shouldering Responsibility’ for students of Grade V.

Shouldering responsibility is to accept or to take any responsibility. As a part of the QCT class from 23rd August to 27th, August Grade V students were introduced to this element. It embraced incorporating responsible behaviour with honesty, compassion, respect,

27th August 2021- Janmashtami celebrations for students of Grades VII and VIII.

27th of August, was an exciting day for the students of Grades VII-VIII. They had various activities planned around the theme of Janmashtami. To celebrate this event they started off by listening to calming flute music, followed by the recitation

28th August 2021 – CAREER LEADS WITH UNIVARIETY!- An orientation by Ms Nidhi Sree was organised for teacher to get familiar with Univariety Dashboard.

The Univariety organisation in association with Suchitra Academy strives to help its students achieve their true calling through expert counselling services. The organisation along with the teachers of the school ensure that the students have clear objectives and goals for

28th August 2021 – Reading Programme – Engaging Parents! A session for the parents of Sr KG, Gardes I,II , Stages 1 and 2 .

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. On 28 August 2021, Ms Dalbir Kaur, Director, One up Library, Delhi, conducted The Reading program session for

28th August 2021- Novel Study – A Teacher Training!

Judge a book by its cover and then dive deep in! Reading is an interesting journey one embarks on, the characters in the book for companions. The readers experience the same emotions and their upheavals as the characters. Every page,
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