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31st March, 2022- Children and teachers celebrated the Telugu New Year – Ugadi.

The Telugu Year ‘Ugadi’ was celebrated with traditional fervour by the tiny tots of Pre-Primary on Thursday, 31st March. Children and teachers came dressed in ethnic wear to spread the feeling of festivity. As a part of the celebrations, ‘Ugadi

8th April, 2022 – Pre-primary celebrated Red Colour Day.

Our young learners of Pre-Primary celebrated Red Colour Day on 8th April, 2022. Everyone came dressed beautifully in different shades of red making the environment look lively, vibrant and cheerful. Not only children, even the teachers adorned red outfits. The

“28th March, 2022 – Grade I students enthusiastically participated in storytelling and recitation activities.”

Storytelling and poetry are the most powerful ways to put ideas into the world. During the storytelling/recitation class on 28th March 2022, students of Grade I participated enthusiastically in a storytelling and poem recitation activity. The children expressed their thoughts

30th March, 2022 – Grade III students started exploring patterns at school and predicted their learning through the inquiry,

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”By Edward de Bono.Patterns in nature are visible regularities of form found in the natural world. These patterns recur in different contexts and can

31st March, 2022 – Grade I students were engaged in activites to determine when to use the article ‘a’ and ‘an; in a sentence.

What’s the best way to determine when to use the article 'a' versus 'an' in a sentence? On 31st March 2022, students of Grade I were engaged in an activity using words and pictures. Using the think-pair-share tool, they identified

31st March, 2022 – Students of Grades I to III had a reflection session on their likes and dislikes.

On returning to offline school after two years of online classes, students of Grades I to III were asked to reflect on what they have learned over the past year. On 31st March, children spoke about their likes and dislikes.

1st April, 2022 – Grade II students used the think, pair and share tool for the activity of forming two-digit numbers using number cards.

Students excel, grow intellectually and have fun playing with numbers. Each student in the class acquires the concept and understanding of numeracy through activities and practical experience where students interact with their peers, discuss and draw conclusions. On 1st April,

1st April, 2022 – Grade II students enjoyed listening to the story tittled Mog and Bunny and applied the thinking routine of I see, I think, I wonder.

Reading books often begins with reading aloud. Reading aloud provides several opportunities and benefits for children of all ages, from strengthening their vocabulary to increasing their attention span. To improve the reading habit among children, a book is designated as

7th April, 2022 – The students of Grade I had a group discussion on how they are similar and what makes them different from each other.

We all are like snowflakes, all different in our beautiful ways.Being aware of oneself has different attributes ranging from physical to mental aspects. On 7th April 2022, the students of Grade I had a group discussion on how they are

7th April, 2022- The students of Grade III participated in storytelling and poem recitation with passion.

Storytelling is an innate part of human behaviour. From early cave paintings to Skype catch up sessions with friends and family, we use storytelling to communicate, connect and learn from each other. Storytelling creates more meaningful learning opportunities than just

8th April, 2022- The students of Grade II took a trip down memory lane during their QCT session.

Memories have a number of positive effects on how we see ourselves. It is said that simply recalling a memory makes people feel more certain of the support of their friends. During the QCT session of 8th April, 2022, the

8th April, 2022 -The students of Grade II enjoyed picture reading, a fun activity!

Picture reading is always a fun activity. The main aim of introducing picture talk and conversation is to help children increase their vocabulary and knowledge. Picture reading is the activity that supports the development of literacy skills, observation skills,visual thinking,

4th April, 2022-Grade III started to count numbers on the number line exploring digits.

“I tried counting the sheep to fall asleep, but that got boring. So, I started talking to the shepherd instead.” On this funny note, Grade III started to count on the number line on 4th April 2022. Each child used

30th March, 2022 the students of Grade IV created their own water filter to provide safe drinking water to all at a low cost.

For the PBL Inquiry, ‘How do we create a system to provide safe drinking water to all at a low cost?’ On 30th March, the students of Grade IV created their own water filter with the materials available in their

4th April, 2022 – Students of Grade VI had a guest speaker session on Constitutional Amendments.

"Freedom is not given, it is taken and we need laws for its safety". Children of Grade Vl had a guest speaker session on 4th April 2022. The session was about Constitutional Amendments. The students were enlightened by the information
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