IEYC – Pre Primary

International Policy

To develop a school culture which aims at enabling students to respect differences, collaborate and work towards the integration and inter-linkage of economic, social and environmental sustainability thereby creating global citizens with strong core values and understanding of shared concerns and difficulties.

International Early Years Curriculum: Pre-Primary School

IEYC was launched in 2016 and it is being implemented in over 60 countries worldwide. This (IEYC) curriculum is researched based, flexible and works alongside with our national curriculum, providing holistic development that includes personal, social and emotional development of the child.

IEYC is designed around eight learning principles that are essential for the learning and development of the child. It focuses on developing individual ideas and interests, unlock potential and capture curiosity of the child by providing a unique environment – ‘Learning Spaces’.
IEYC focuses on play-based learning allowing children to learn and develop at their own unique pace. Children are encouraged to voice out their ideas and engage in a variety of activities throughout the process of learning in each Unit of Learning.

We follow five Units of Learning for grades Jr. KG and Sr. KG and four Units for Nursery in a year. Each unit take approximately 5 – 6 weeks to complete. We start with an exciting Entry Point and end it with the Exit Point where learners will get a chance to explain their learning to their parents.

There is no formal assessment. It is ongoing throughout the learning cycle, based on day-to-day observations that are recorded in a journal. Regular interactions happen between teachers, children and parents to achieve a holistic view on the child’s development.

As we are committed to impart quality education and improve learning, we decided to implement IEYC this academic year. In order to implement IEYC in the classroom and to achieve the desired results, all the teachers have completed an intense training program – Implementing the IEYC Online Blended Course.

The training started on 7th April and concluded on 27th April. Teachers have been putting in a lot of effort to learn and implement the curriculum for the holistic development of the children.

We started with our first Unit of Learning – The Weather Wonders on 21st June and it is in progress. It will get concluded by the end of July. So far it has been a satisfying and interesting journey of teaching learning for all of us.

IEYC at a glance