Safety With Us

Safety is of paramount importance to us. Cameras, and safety equipment can do a lot when it comes to keeping our kids safe at school. However, school safety precautions go beyond the equipment. Educating the staff and students on how to identify and react during a potential threat is also a priority.

GPS Solution

A cloud based GPS tracking system with a latency (response time) of 0.05 second has been inducted in all the 35 school buses for real time tracking and Geo fencing of the buses to track deviations. Each bus is equipped with a mobile phone which is a real time tracker for the school transport department as well as parents to be in confidence of their ward’s security.

An ID Card entrance policy

The best school safety precaution is to end a threat before it can begin. Threats can be lessened and even eliminated at the door with an ID card entrance policy. This process secures the main entrance and creates a strategic step toward school safety.

Student ID Cards with a colour bifurcation of tags to differentiate between students availing school or own transport. The cards and tags allow security to have an enhanced vision of cross checking the movement of students.

Staff Icards, Visitor Icards, Vehicle pass are all issued keeping in mind the safety of students.

CCTV in Buses

CCTV cameras have been installed in all the buses in order to monitor the discipline in the buses while they are on the move. The cameras are all weather compatible with interactive voice command passing and live streaming facility as well.

The advanced integrated and automated inbuilt fire safety provision is a new induction to the fleet upgradation scheme for BSVI vehicles.