Suchitra TV Radio

Suchitra Academy The School of Success

Suchitra Academy’s unique Studio fosters exceptional speakers and media professionals. Through initiatives like Suchitra Radio and TV Bulletin, students engage in creative writing, eloquent speaking, and video production. Divided into Editorial, Production, and Post-Production teams, students collaborate under expert mentors. The Studio’s output, from scripts to engaging episodes, reflects students’ talent and dedication. Guided by teachers, they learn teamwork and individual excellence, ensuring captivating, insightful school updates for the audience.

With the help of its one-of-a-kind Studio, Suchitra Academy aims to create outstanding speakers and skilled professionals in the field of Mass Media. To enable that, we have the Suchitra Radio and the Suchitra TV Bulletin that are rolled out on a weekly and fortnightly basis. To filter the creative writers, eloquent speakers, and potent video makers, the Media Team is further divided into Editorial, Production, and Post-Production teams. Each group works in its domain and collaborates with the others to update you on all the happenings of the school!

Above everything, the students learn to work as team members as well as significant individual contributors!