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Suchitra teacher is a happy teacher able to spread happiness to children. We feel it is the most important aspect of anybody’s being who comes in contact with children and affects them in million ways. We believe ‘do with teachers what you want them to do with children.’ So, we keep our teachers HAPPY. Our dreams and vision trickle down to children through our teachers and so we are very mindful in selecting teachers for our children. Our teachers have the power to change ordinary souls into extraordinary beings and we equip our teachers to have and exercise this power.

Our mentors are rated the best each time we have taken a survey of our parents and children. Highly committed, they go, always, that extra mile and ensure a job not just done well, but done excellently.

Inservice Training

Unless you are a learner, you can’t be a teacher!

Our teachers go through continuous training sessions of varied nature from discovering themselves to understanding the latest in pedagogy. Workshops and professional development courses are a regular affair. From regular constructive discussions in departments headed by Heads of the Department to plan, execute and reflect on the day to day teaching-learning are a part of the teacher’s day here. Teachers are the greatest resource a school can boast of and no investment is too big in ensuring their enhanced output – be it in terms of subject efficacy, emotional connectivity, sensitivity or attitude building.

Suchitra invests heavily in continuous in-house as well as out sourced trainings. It is a rare school that can boast of a Department of Research and Training The brief of this Department is to identify gaps in individual teacher’s learning and tailor make trainings to support just that, something which often does not get addressed in mass teacher training sessions. Besides peer training, peer teaching are other programmes that help in capacity building in teachers.

YourDOST collaboration

We care for the overall well-being of not only our employees but also their families. We have launched a wellness programme,  ‘SAAHAS’  in collaboration with YOUR DOST, one of India’s leading online and emotional wellness platforms that provides 24 hours counselling services. In the troubled times that we live in almost everyone faces stress and mental tension and with our extended families and friends being physically distanced is not helping at all. ‘SAAHAS’ provides a platform for our employees and their families, where one can seek help anonymously


Making Birthdays special !

Guru Khel:

An Annual event for all staff members that reconnects us with the child within! – An event that is looked forward to with great enthusiasm
Term end party – Ending on a happy high!

Saturday Mania and Gupshup time

An event that’s dotted with innumerable stress-busters like art, paint, sport games, embroidery. An event when the coffee is hot, the time is too short and the involvement is unplugged