Suchitra Academy provides a sacred space with meaningful learning experiences and resources for each individual to find their purpose in life by creating a balance between mind-body-soul. Each child learns differently with their unique abilities and we provide holistic education to each Suchitran through PBL, sports, student exchange programs, student-led initiatives and Internationalism.

Students’ socio-emotional needs play an important role in shaping personalities and Suchitra believes in a thriving student community where freedom of expression, collaborative learning, confidence and happiness are at the pivot. Student’s academic rigor is given a thrust with data tracking of each individual performance.

Deepa Kapoor

Ms. Deepa Kapoor

Principal’s Message

Excellence is the hallmark of Suchitra and we leave no stone unturned to make to nurture this quality in our students. The nurturing of the Body, Mind and Soul is very thoughtfully integrated in all our school programs.

Suchitra News

30th January,2024- English Language Day for Sr KG students was a resounding success, with 18 participants from six sections showcasing their oratory skills.

On January 30th, the English Language Day for Sr KG students was a resounding success, with 18 participants from six

1st February,2024: Storytelling session conducted by Grade IX students for the Pre-primary children as a celebration of the DEAR programme culmination.

The celebration of the DEAR programme culmination on February 1st was truly fantastic. The highlight was the open shelf storytelling

6th February,2024: A special assembly focused on safety concerns, was hosted by Pre-primary teachers.

On February 6th, we hosted a special assembly focused on safety concerns, led by our Pre-primary teachers. Through a skit,

6th February,2024: Sr KG students embarked on an enriching farm visit as a part of the IEYC unit ‘Animal World’.

On February 6th, our Sr KG students embarked on an enriching farm visit as a part of the IEYC unit

School Calendar

february, 2024

Suchitra TV & Radio

Another feather in our cap. Suchitra Academy has become the first school in Telangana to boast of its own TV and Radio bulletin. A State of the art studio was set up in collaboration with Etv at the Suchitra Academy before the pandemic hit us. The pandemic delayed the long time vision of enabling children to learn the nuances of Mass media – from production to editing to acting the whole gamut of skills involved.

Suchitra Academy launched its Radio and TV on the same day on 16th Nov as a part of their Founder day Celebrations. It was very well received and appreciated by the Sucitra Family.

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Suchitra Philosophy


Students learn to respect good health, physical strength and balance. It helps children gain control and discipline in their lives. Sports and outdoor games play a prominent role in Suchitra. We expose our children to team games to build cooperation, cohesion and trust.


This is the core of Suchitra- the soul- the inner conscious. We want to nurture well balanced, thoughtful, young individuals in our fold and that is the basic principle of our education. Children build clean habits, they should be able to develop strong rationale, so to choose between the right and wrong. She / he must gain full knowledge of one’s character and acquire control and mastery over it.


The 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, flexibility, media literacy and social responsibility are woven into our pedagogy and classroom interactions. The study of science, math and language development are all integrated to make students involved learners.


A blend of all the three makes a student a complete learner. Suchitra Students are smart learners and can holistically take the challenges of life. We ensure that we build 21st century skills that are non-negotiable in today’s world for which we have divided our practices into various domains. We care for our children’s needs- be it physical or emotional. We celebrate the uniqueness of each child through various well structured programs.

Celebrating Sporting Excellence at One of the Top International Schools

Suchitra Academy is not just one of the top CBSE schools; it’s also a hub for champions, a testament to our position as the best international school. We beam with pride as we celebrate our association with the badminton sensation, Ms. P V Sindhu. Training at our state-of-the-art facilities, her remarkable triumphs serve as an inspiration for every student. Guided by our own Suchitra Badminton Academy’s coach, Mohammed Hafiz – a former All England Champion – and backed by our dedicated trainers Srikant Varma and Physio Evangeline, she continually raises the bar.

But our commitment to sports excellence doesn’t end there. We’ve also been instrumental in the training journey of the world boxing champion, Ms. Nikhat Zareen. Their passion, discipline, and dedication mirror our ethos of fostering greatness.

These icons epitomize the standard of excellence we set at Suchitra Academy, ensuring every student has the platform to achieve and shine internationally.

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