D.E.A.R Program

D.E.A.R. stands for “Drop Everything and Read”. At Suchitra Academy it is a celebration of reading designed to remind every individual to make reading a prime important activity in their lives. DEAR time at Suchitra Academy conveniently accommodates a variety of student interests and ability levels, since each student selects for himself/herself the book(s) he/she wishes to read. DEAR is an important part of the weekly classroom schedule. It is scheduled for the same time each week, thus students recognize that DEAR time is a priority and can look forward to this special period. At Suchitra Academy DEAR becomes a regular part of the classroom schedule, each student brings a book from home or selects a book from the library before DEAR time begins. When DEAR time arrives, every student, teacher and all other employees at Suchitra are prepared to immediately pull out a pre-selected book and begin to read. The choice of venue is left to students’, teachers and employees’ choice thereby empowering them to acquire decision making to reach the desired outcome.