Setbacks don’t equal failures” this is the mantra we follow at Suchitra Academy. Children are given special care and guidance by the Counseling , guidance and special needs cell – SPARSH!

At Suchitra we believe that each child is born with special and unique abilities, some need hand holding and empowerment which the special cell – SPARSH – does with a lot of empathy and positive affirmations.

Mental health is as important as physical health and this we try to imbibe in our students. We encourage them to seek help and support in case they feel the need. Communication is the key to a healthy mind. Giving a patient hearing to children is our priority. We counsel students to break the stigma and speak their mind about mental health issues.

The counselors at SPARSH are specially trained to tackle behavioral and emotional issues of students, they partner with parents, teachers and administrators to ensure the best support for students. The counselors create a safe healthy and supportive learning environment for students. They collect data,analyze it, follow it up with assessments, monitoring of student progress is carried out, collaboration with parents follows,  learning interventions and special instructional support is given to students with learning needs.

Our special educators follow professional ethics to promote healthy learning at school. Following the school’s no child left behind policy that we so strongly focus on,  the school psychologist and counselors provide direct support and interventions to students, consult teachers and families to improve and support strategies to help students complete the school years successfully and create a positive environment for children in the long run.

Every parent has access to the services of the school’s Guidance, Counseling and Special education cell – SPARSH, you can seek guidance and help from the school counselor by filling in the google form or writing to us, the school counselors will get in touch with you for support.

Emotional well being of our students is a priority at Suchitra and we strive to make our students  resilient, competent and caring adults.