Suchitra Academy The Making

The Story of Suchitra Academy's Campus

The campus of Suchitra Academy is something that can well be considered a page from the history books. Several decades ago, the existing premises of the school were the former location of ‘Suchitra Electronics’, a family-owned venture of the Director, Praveen Raju, also the Vice Chairman of the Suchitra Group. In due course, the Electronics Company gave way to ICFAI’s Engineering College Campus. The campus was re- modelled to suit the needs of an Engineering College with classrooms, workshops, laboratories and hostels for 400 boys and 200 girls.

When ICFAI shifted into its own campus, the place was re-modelled to be Suchitra Academy, a school which believed in wide open green spaces, large classrooms and top of the line sports facilities.

The school, now, is situated on NH 7,  set in the blossoming green environment with such sprawling​ green spacious environs, the location is perfect for a school. Also in these times of box-like structures that schools have become, Suchitra Academy provides the right environment for the holistic development of body, soul and mind of the students.




Senior and Senior Secondary