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ICT/ Digital learning center

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Digital Workstation

Equipped with sleek desktop computers with ergonomically designed tables and seating, every child gets to work independently at the ICT Centre. Internet connectivity enables access to relevant material for classroom assignments and any subjects he or she may be working on. The ICT mentor also provides support in the webbing of the subjects. Firewalls in place keep the children working only on the websites suitable for them.

Technology On Wheels

In an effort to provide students with new learning experiences, we have introduced the concept of ‘Technology on Wheels’ for the middle school students. The program aims to turn the traditional school experience into a learning opportunity that combines wireless technology and increases student’s access to information from the comfort of the classrooms. Tabs are given to students in the classrooms to research for their project and other academic related work.


The Makerspace program is designed to prepare the students of Grades IV-X with the fundamentals of design thinking. The constant cycle of empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test is driving the world’s innovation for projects like Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, the fundamentals of which can begin at the school level. Throughout the course of this program, students will be exposed to basics of app development, game development, coding, internet of things to name a few. Teachers have been trained by professionals from the field of STEM learning as it is known now. While the journey of STEM learning is a long, creative and exciting journey for prospective careers in the future, your child will begin taking baby steps in school now.

We begin the makerspace program this year for students of grades IV to X. The objective of the program is to expose students to the most happening technologies in the field of innovation and design thinking which is the most sought after skill across all industries.Government of India has been keen on promoting this aspect to develop skills necessary for the modern innovator.

The program will have students working on fundamentals of modules like app development, game development and Internet of things to name a few.

There is one period allotted each week for this program. We begin with app development as the first module. Please note that in order for the learning to be effective, students are strongly recommended to have a laptop and a smart phone ready for the makerspace class as per the timetable. Each module will have qualitative and quantitative assessments and will allow students to express their ideas and creativity with complete freedom.

Looking forward to building an innovation hub in the school.


We train our students on block coding such as scratch, and app inventor and high level programming such as python ,visual basics along with scripting language. Students learn how to animate objects and create stories using scratch programming , develop apps using app inventor applications. They also learn to create applications using Visual Basic and Python programming languages . They design webpages using Javascript and HTML and are exposed to coding multiple programming languages using various platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

Students develop knowledge, skills and values to understand AI and its implications on our society and the world. They engage with a host of multimedia online resources, as well as hands-on activities and sequence of learning experiences. Students perform various AI experiments and integrate it with different subjects.