Teacher/student exchange programme

Being an International School we understand the need to build global citizens who will appreciate the value of international collaboration, develop understanding and empathy. We create avenues that allow our students to interact with students from other countries, understand different cultures and work on international collaborative projects. We have partnered with AFS Intercultural Programs, which helps empower our young minds from all backgrounds with essential global skills—and the passion for making a difference.

AFS Global Competence

Three Suchitrans have been a part of the prestigious Asia Kakehashi Project, sponsored by the Ministry of Japan while another attended a cultural exchange program in Hungary for a month experiencing Hungarian culture, family structure, family culture and gained valuable insight into the Hungarian educational system.
Suchitrans have also been selected to represent India and AFS India at the Karls Academy: “Embracing Diversity and Tackling Inequalities” (A virtual program by AFS Germany and Karlshochschule International University).

International Teacher Training Programme

Besides this We have also hosted an Argentinean teacher as part of the teacher exchange programme. She taught Spanish and International Relations to the students.

Domestic Cultural Exchange Program

Suchitra Academy embarked on an inspiring journey by initiating Domestic Cultural Exchange Programs, fostering connections between schools from different corners of our diverse nation. Notably, we engaged in a North-South Cultural Exchange with two distinguished schools:

  1. HIM Academy, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
  2. Maa Anandmayee Memorial School, Uttarakhand

The core objective behind these exchanges was to emphasize the value of intercultural learning and the development of cultural competencies among individuals. Through these programs, our students had the unique opportunity to explore and embrace diverse cultures, languages, and lifestyles that enrich our country’s fabric.

AFS India | YES Abroad Students: Our commitment to global perspectives extends beyond borders. One of our esteemed mentors, Mr. Chaitanya Kolluri, conducted an enlightening session on the topic of “STEM Practical Achievements in India.” In this session, he elucidated the significance of STEM education and how it’s implemented in Indian school laboratories. This endeavor aimed to bridge gaps in understanding and promote cross-cultural insights in the field of science and technology.

Inter School Competition

Mitti Ki Dhun (The Melody of Soil): Suchitra Academy proudly hosted a Virtual Folk Song Competition, aptly named “Mitti Ki Dhun.” This event garnered an overwhelming response, with an impressive 58 entries pouring in from AFS Member schools across India.

In this grand celebration of folk music, we witnessed a mesmerizing musical extravaganza. Talented students from various corners of the country graced us with their renditions of folk songs, showcasing their musical prowess. “Mitti Ki Dhun” served as a powerful reminder of our roots, our enduring traditions, and the unbreakable bond we share with our rich cultural heritage.

These initiatives not only enrich the educational experience but also promote unity, understanding, and appreciation for the diverse tapestry of cultures that define our nation and our world.