Utsav – ChoteAdakaro ka kamal, kare jadoo bemisaal! The little ones of Pre-primary and Stages/Grades I-II put up an electrifying show on 17th September, 2022 as a part of the 12th Founder’s day celebration. The occasion was graced by our Chief Guest, Shri Praveen Raju, Founder Chairman, Suchitra Academy, Principal Ms. Deepa Kapoor and Vice-principal Ms. Trisha Chakraborty.

‘Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen’ – with this thought, students worked hard to put together an effective and flawless presentation of their learnings from PBL, GP and personal goals from IEYC. Here a are few glimpses of how magnificent the show was:

Pre Primary:
The tiny tots of Pre-primary stole everyone’s hearts as they dazzled the ramp in mesmerizing costumes through character parade, graceful theme dances and amazing skit performances from famous stories.
Stage/Grade I:
Learners of Stage/Grade I put up various game stalls for the parents in the soccer field. The games were enjoyed by one and all. This was an amazing outcome of their learnings of GP and PBL on ‘How do we create a place to enjoy our best?’
Stage/Grade II:
The students of Stage/Grade II brought to life the journey of Harry Potter in the most amazing way through shadow puppetry, mime, musical dance drama, horror themes, marvellous wonderlands and lots of magic. The audience was awestruck! It was a cumulation of the children’s experiences and learnings from PBL and GP.