Unveiling Literary Insights: ‘See, Think, Wonder’ Expedition in Cambridge English Class
In our Cambridge English class, an illuminating journey unfolded as we delved into the pages of the novel ‘FRINDLE’ employing the transformative “”See, Think, Wonder”” thinking routine on 10th November. Witnessing the students’ keen observation skills, we traversed the narrative canvas, capturing vibrant details that enriched our collective understanding.
During the “Think” phase, critical thinking took centre stage. Students adeptly interpreted and dissected the layers of the novel, showcasing intellectual prowess and analytical acumen. The “Wonder” phase became a beacon of curiosity, with students posing thought-provoking questions that propelled our literary exploration into uncharted territories.
As we celebrate this collaborative literary voyage, our teachers championed an environment conducive to even deeper analyses, diverse perspectives, and an enduring quest for thematic connections. This marks not just a lesson but also a commitment to fostering a culture of profound literary engagement in all our future endeavors.
Here’s to novel insights, critical thinking, and the boundless realms of literary exploration!