New School Orientation Program @ Hyderabad Public School.

One of our mentors, Ms. Nidhi Malik attended a school orientation program held at Hyderabad Public School on 17th August, 2022. The objective of the program was to guide schools, which have recently introduced CAIE curriculum or schools which are new to conducting O levels and IGCSE exams. The program started with an introduction to what CAIE stands for- Cambridge Assessment International Examination. They walked through the way Cambridge curriculum functions. They introduced us to the AS and A levels curricula, wherein the students have flexibility of choosing from a range of subjects. Schools can build individualized curriculums of over 55 subjects.
They talked about the Education Briefs which includes:
• Active learning
• Assessment of learning
• Bilingual education
• Cambridge learners and teachers’ attributes
• Digital technologies in classes
• Educational leadership

The program introduced us to steps that ensure international learning in students. It included the following steps: Planning and preparation, Teaching and assessment, Learning and revision, Cambridge examination results.