TAISI’s educators’ conference was held in Rockwood School, Udaipur on the 28th and 29th of January 2023. The theme was ‘Building Connections: An Educator and Their Student’s Journey Through School and Beyond.’ Director Academics, Ms. Trisha Chakraborty and the Student Counsellor, Ms. Madhu Manju attended the conference.
The speakers shared their expertise on inclusivity and student wellbeing in the classroom, child safety, ECE paradigms, technology, social collaboration and effective teaching-learning practices along with a creative workshop for counsellors/ admission staff. The main focus was on the importance of building strong connections with students in order to understand their unique needs and help them to achieve their full potential. Strategies for creative inclusive and supportive learning environments, to engage and motivate students in the classroom were explored.
Hands-on activities through music and experiential learning, focusing on how a classroom can be fun and interesting linking them to real-time experiences were discussed. Making every student’s career choice meaningful and worthy through career guidance and its approach were also reviewed.


Ms. Trisha Chakraborty, Director Academics and Blandina Priyanka, Head Examinations attended the “School Excellence Yatra”, co-hosted by ExcelOne and PISA for Schools. The event took place at Taj Banjara on 2nd February, 2023. They were a part of the momentous occasion where India became the 16th nation to officially launch the globally recognised “PISA-Based Test for Schools” (PBTS), which is aimed at enhancing student wellbeing by equipping teachers and school leaders with international data and global connections. Detailed information about the international benchmarking assessment was presented to the school leaders. It was a great learning experience!