The budding Suchitrans of Grade XI raised the curtains on the first project of its kind – ChitraKatha on 3rd December, 2022. Through this project, the Suchitrans were exposed to a whole new world of creativity and knowledge. The theme of the Film Festival was stories from the Panchatantra wherein they tried to narrate the moral-based Panchatantra folk tales using their interpretation. The same stories were chosen by our Italian partner school students who made short films using the same stories set to their interpretation of the same. The stories were rewritten keeping the same moral in mind and used the medium of experimental cinema to tell our tales. The Film Festival was held online in real time which gave our Italian partner school the opportunity to speak live on the official Suchitran YouTube channel. This event was very well received by the audience and the effort put in by the Suchitrans was appreciated by the entire Suchitran community.