On Oct 10th, 2020 it was my aunt’s birthday . We planned to go to her house near the lake . She lived in a beautiful villa with a garden .
I was surprised to see my best friends Taani and Yoshica there . We decided to go and play . We saw a four seater white boat and we went boating . As we reached the other end , we noticed an enormous cave and entered into it . The cave was very dark. We were afraid as we could be in danger anytime . Suddenly , a fox came and attacked us . We ran in different directions . When I was walking , I heard a noise behind the bushes . I saw Tanni and asked, “What are you doing here ?” . She replied, “ I was frightened .” We heard someone screaming . When we went close , we saw a group of wild dogs chasing Yoshica . Both of us threw stones at the dogs .
Then we walked for a long time . We saw human footprints and we followed them . We noticed a small village and people living there showed us the way to the lake . We finally reached home
Visah Malhotra, Stage 4