In the dynamic world of early childhood education, nurturing creativity and providing hands-on learning experiences are foundational. From November 6th to 23rd, the Sr. KG classes immersed themselves in innovative projects under the theme ‘Little Builders.’ These projects not only sparked the imaginations of our young learners but also imparted valuable lessons in teamwork, problem-solving, and basic engineering concepts.
With boundless enthusiasm, the students actively participated in constructing a diverse array of structures—from Igloos and tunnels to roads, bridges, towers, and various types of buildings such as rock houses, hospitals, farmhouses, and fireplaces. Utilizing everyday materials, these young architects transformed the classroom into a bustling hub of exploration and discovery.
The projects were inquiry-driven, fuelling the creative minds with questions that led to the ignition of imagination and culminated in the tangible form of intricate structures. This activity-based learning approach not only brought joy to the classroom but also made the learning experience truly ecstatic.