The senior school put up electrifying presentations as part of the 11th Founder’s day celebrations.
Tiger King-Here are a few glimpses of how magnificent the event was :
Desire has a way of making us do funny things. The quest for power and authority makes us justify even our unexplainable actions. To portray this we had students of grades 7-11 presenting a Dance Drama- “Tiger King”.

TECHNOMANIA– Necessity is said to be the mother of all inventions and over the last century, tremendous changes have been brought about through the development of technology. Technology has revolutionised the workings of different fields, such as healthcare, education, business and even our daily lives. In tune to this spirit senior school students presented an innovation display titled “Technomania”.

HALLA BOL- HINDI DANCE DRAMA-Throughout history, we have always found ways to divide ourselves. We tend to favour the superior and often leave out the minorities. Especially in a diverse country like India, where people of different cultures, religions and backgrounds come together, equality and fairness is neglected. To not only recognize this drawback but also to work towards a new India, students presented a play in Hindi Halla Bol, a critique on the issue of inequality.

KALA KRITI– Art has a way of conveying things that language never could. Language poses a barrier to those who don’t understand it, whereas art is open to interpretation and means something to everyone. We had students from Grades VI to IX presenting a beautiful art presentation

WAS IT JUST A DREAM?– The pandemic has changed the way we perceive a lot of things. If we look deeper, it seems like pandemics have a way of teaching us important lessons. For example, the Spanish flu and the swine flu happened in the past and still we were unprepared for any such crisis when we were hit with COVID 19. To help us foresee effective ways of dealing with the present and any futuristic crisis we had the students of Grades VII, VIII, IX and XI taking the audience through a pandemic gallery walk.

HUMAN VS TECHNOLOGY– To present the age old debate of who is better -Human or technology? We had students from Grades VII to IX presenting a ‘Jugalbandi’ titled ‘Retro se Metro tak’.

THE OLYMPICS JOURNEY– The very face of the sporting field, the Olympics, has itself gone through drastic changes ever since its inception. Winning a medal at the Olympics is no easy feat, since it is indeed a historical and prestigious sporting event. It has gone through so much over the years and is now probably one of the most inclusive competitions, with over 339 events and about 11 thousand athletes at its most recent version. To take us through the evolution of the Olympics and also to predict what the future holds for this magnificent event we had students of Grades VII-IX with an informative presentation.

THE SMART SAPIENS– To conclude the event we had a presentation by senior students “Smart Sapiens” to remind each one of us that we have such an important role to play in making our future greener and brighter. They also helped us to ponder upon a very important question -how do we motivate ourselves for this change in a materialistic and consumer driven world such as ours?