“Our ex-student Amit Harish Ramchandani has been selected as one of the 500 RISE Global Finalist List. This is an incredible accomplishment! He is a part of a global list of the 500 social innovators that are doing their bit to help make this world a better place. His big idea was to enable the visually impaired learn Rubik’s cubing. Amit’s offering includes three components:
1) Braille design which is language independent.
2) A teaching framework: the visually impaired are very gifted and have to be taught by keeping certain things in mind. This framework provides guidance on teaching them in an in person and hybrid mode.
3) A braille manual to empower them to learn on their own. He has covered the part where in the first basic step of solving a 3*3 Rubik’s cube is explained. He will revise it to include subsequent portions.