It’s Not a Big Deal!

Saarah Samir Kotadia, VIII C

Stop worrying about things you can’t change,
It won’t help the situation rearrange.
It’s not a big deal.
You’ll get wounds but eventually they’ll heal.Desert the idea of having ‘a perfect life’,
The more you wail about it, the more you stab yourself with a knife
It’s not a big deal.
You don’t have to stick with the so-called ‘ideal’.
They are often surreal.

Stop masking the real you for ‘them’,
Cause whatever you do, good or bad, they just go “ahem”.
It’s not a big deal.
‘Their’ standards are oft unreal.

Dump the fear of the unknown,
It keeps you from reaching your throne.
It’s not a big deal.
You’ll get scars, but no need to conceal,
Just show the world you’re REAL.

The Virus

By Aaditya Gautham Singh, VIII C

Just that day,
I was going my way,
When came the Virus
Of which no one was desirous.
Then came the lock down,
To bring our spirits down.
It was all silent at first
And then onto the scene it burst.
At first it came into our hive,
And infected just about five.
It was like that just for a while,
No one thought it would turn so vile.
It was all a deception,
To open a reception.
We lifted the lockdown a bit,
And that’s when it hit.
It started seeking the unfit,
And got them to submit.
But still, we fought on our feet,
Till it accepted defeat.
Oh! Little did we know ,
That it is all nothing but a show.
Came it near,
And got us all here!