Students of Grades VII to XII attended a webinar conducted by Mr Rakshit Tandon, Consultant and Cyber Expert on 22nd August, 2022. The session gave insights into the issues we face using the digital platform and created awareness about digital safety and cybercrimes. The session was an eye-opener for all the participants wherein Dr. Tandon explained about the vulnerability of children, especially teenagers on the internet. He cautioned about the sites and links which are password and data stealers and how their authenticity can be verified. He also cautioned students of the punishment and penalty in case of indulgence in any cybercrime.
Another session was conducted for the parents to monitor their children’s cyber activity which is indeed the need of the hour. He also explained the importance of the digital diet, digital detoxification and digital footprints of children.
Both the sessions were not only informative but also enriching.