Our whole universe is a myriad of beautiful patterns! On this note, students of Grade IV geared up for their first PBL presentation for the academic year 2021-22 on August 7, 2021. The presentation reflected the inquiry ‘How are we in the pattern, by the pattern and of the pattern?’
The comperes for the day transcended the parents through awe-striking patterns in nature, in our bodies, the day and night, and the Fibonacci pattern. Students showcased these patterns through informative and relatable videos. Also, as a part of music integration with PBL, musical patterns were presented through a mesmerising video of students playing the keyboard. It was quite a curtain-raiser for the presentation. Students put up quite a show!
The outcome of the inquiry was an ICT integration with PBL created by the children on Canva, a fun-filled puzzle’s flipbook called ‘Defuse the Confuse’, which was launched on the day of the presentation. The flipbook was divided into two books, the link for the same was shared with the parents through the chat box.
Lastly, the parents conveyed their feedback about their thoughts on the ‘progress of their children in the inquiry’ through a word cloud on Mentimeter.
Flipbook links:
The links for the answer key of Flipbook I and II. The answer for each question is highlighted in red.
Flipbook I:
Flipbook II: