Unleashing the Power of Green for a Sustainable Tomorrow
In an inspiring presentation by Stage 3A on ‘Looking after Planet Earth,’ learners showcased their research, collaboration, and reflection skills developed throughout the challenge on 6th January. The focus was on the significance of small changes and mindful choices for a sustainable future, fostering a collective commitment to environmental responsibility. Activities included creative reuse projects, a recycling-themed song, hands-on papermaking, and a video highlighting practice to save water, electricity, and paper. The presentation also featured a TV show performance exploring global approaches to environmental challenges, drawing inspiration from leaders in Sweden, Germany, Japan, Norway and Singapore. Each country’s success in waste management, recycling, and renewable energy served as a source of motivation for a more sustainable future. Expressing gratitude to parents for their support, learners concluded the presentation with a powerful reminder that little things can have a big impact, inviting everyone to join the journey towards a cleaner, greener world.