Cambridge Brilliance Uneveiled:A Journey of insight and Empowerment
On January 6, an enlightening orientation at Cambridge in School brought together parents of Pre-primary to Grade VII students. The event featured an expert talk by Ms. Poulomi, the esteemed Manager of South India CAIE. Ms. Poulomi eloquently explored the nuances of the Cambridge curriculum, highlighting the comprehensive Cambridge pathway and the invaluable skills it imparts to children. The interactive session provided a platform for parents to address their queries, deepening their understanding of the curriculum. Two parents, whose children are currently enrolled in the Cambridge curriculum, shared inspiring anecdotes about how it has played a pivotal role in honing their kids’ skills and unlocking their full potential. To offer parents a first-hand experience, a guided tour of the Cambridge block was organized, providing insight into the dynamic learning environment. The orientation acted as a bridge, connecting parents with the educational journey awaiting their children and instilling confidence in the Cambridge educational approach.