It was a delight to see the children of Sr.KG celebrate English Language Day with enthusiasm. A choice of four poems on the theme of ‘books’ was given to the children, and they came prepared with one poem for recitation. Each child tried his/her best to present the poem for the initial round of selections. The final round was held on the 6th of February, with Ms.Munira(Early Childhood Practitioner) and Ms.Kamlesh(Head-Primary) as the judges for the presentation. All ten children presented their best with the right intonation, articulation, memorisation and confidence. Finally, it was Samaira Palanki of Sr.KG E bagging the first position, Nicole of Sr.KG C in the second position and Diva and Mirshika of Sr.KG B in the third position. Congratulations to all the winners and all the children for their participation.