On Friday, 4th February, 2022 we spent some time learning a bit more about pets and the role they play in our daily life. To inculcate the importance of caring for animals, the learners of Pre-Primary celebrated Pet Day as a part of their thematic unit – Animal Rescuers! The young learners are learning everything about various animals and their habitats. The main objective of organizing Pet Day was to bring awareness and create a sense of responsibility in the minds of our tiny tots on how we need to love and care for other living beings. Few enthusiastic parents having pets at home took some time out from their busy schedule to let learners have hands-on experience and learn about how to take care of their pets. Some of the children having pets at home shared their experiences with their pets. Other children were very excited to have pets in the future but for the time being they were happy to show their soft toys. They provided information about the food that the pets like to eat and the kind of care they give to their pets at home. The learners were excited and thrilled to virtually touch the pets and observe their movement and behaviour. It was a fun filled class for the children.
The icing on the cake was one of our teachers, Ms. Divya, who came with her pet named Shanell, all dressed up in a lovely frock for the occasion. Overall, it was a great experience seeing the enthusiasm in the children.