“School bells are ringing loud and clear; vacation’s over, school is here!”
On 23rd and 24th of March, it was a new experience of coming to school for most of the tiny tots as they lost their two precious years of schooling due to the pandemic. It was thrilling to see that most of the students were excited to be back to school at the same time some of them faced separation anxiety.
However, the first day at school opened doors to unknown experiences and opportunities. Children were welcomed with balloons and bubbles all over and their excitement knew no bounds. Later, they were given badges with their names and taken to their respective classrooms by their teachers. It was exhilarating to see the classroom full of little children doing various activities with excitement. At the same time, it was heart-breaking to see some of the little one’s cry. All the children who settled down had fun colouring, enjoyed the music and dance. They also went outdoors for free play and loved playing with new friends. Everyone relished the cakes served to them. Teachers clicked photographs to capture the special moments. What an exciting day it was!