Cambridge Attribute Spotlight: ‘Engaged’
For the months of November and December, our focus is dedicated to the attribute ‘Engaged.’ This attribute serves as a catalyst to make a significant difference in the lives of learners and society at large, urging them to be intellectually and socially engaged. The teachers initiated the month of November by elucidating the essence and significance of the ‘Engaged’ attribute.
To instil this quality in our learners, a dynamic approach was adopted. The month commenced with a comprehensive explanation of the attribute’s importance, followed by engaging activities conducted on 20th November to stimulate both intellectual and social involvement. These activities aimed not only to impart knowledge but also to make the learning experience enjoyable and physically interactive.
At Suchitra, we believe that an ‘Engaged’ learner is a catalyst for positive change, both in personal growth and societal impact. We look forward to nurturing this attribute in our students, fostering a community of enthusiastic and socially responsible individuals.