Student Council Announcement: Academic Year 2023-2024
We are thrilled to announce the newly elected members of the Student Council, who will play a pivotal role in representing the student body and contributing to our school community’s growth and welfare.
The election process commenced on 25th November, with students submitting nominations through a Google Sheet. On December 1st, candidates delivered compelling three-minute speeches, showcasing their candidacy. The Election Day on 4th December witnessed active participation and responsible voting from students in Grades VIII, IX, X, and XI.
We proudly introduce the members of the Student Council:

Head Boy Mr. Shamanth Puroshottam
Head Girl Ms. Palak Dhingra
House Captains and Vice-Captains:
Dhriti House Captain Mr. Neel Dasot
Dhriti House Vice -Captain Mr. Vidath Vardhan
Prakriti House Captain Ms. Anugu Sohana
Prakriti House Vice-Captain Mr. Neeraj Menon
Sukruthi House Captain Ms. N. Sai Meghana
Sukruthi House Vice -Captain Ms. Meghana Somani
Sanskriti House Captain Ms. Sanvi Sharma
Sanskriti House Vice-Captain Ms. Vridhi Parakh
Discipline Captains Ms. Doli Mittal
Ms. Isha Rajput
Sports Captain Mr. Ashvitha Reddy

Congratulations to all the elected members!