On 14th November, the Pre-primary segment of Suchitra Academy was transformed into a kaleidoscope of joy and laughter, celebrating Children’s Day with boundless enthusiasm! The halls echoed with the vibrant hues of children adorned in colourful dresses, their faces lit up with euphoric smiles. Adding to the festive ambiance, teachers joined the fun by dressing up in captivating costumes and hairstyles, immersing themselves in the spirit of childhood.
The day commenced with personalized picture messages from teachers to each child, setting the tone for a day filled with personalized warmth. The playground resonated with laughter and exuberance as children engaged in a lively game of musical chairs, dancing around with infectious energy.
The craft activity provided a hands-on experience, allowing each child to unleash their creativity and craft a unique piece of art. A touch of cinematic delight added a special charm to the celebrations as the children enjoyed a movie session complete with popcorn, creating a memorable atmosphere on the campus.
The happiness of Children’s Day reverberated through the air, leaving an indelible mark as the young ones wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of the day.