Speak to Lead
“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”
Members of the speak to lead club had a wonderful group discussion session on 13 August, 2021. The two batches began the discussion with two different topics. Speak to lead batch 1 spoke on the topic : Impact of COVID-19 on our mental health while Speak to lead batch 2 spoke on the topic : Tokyo Olympics should be called off. The president and the vice-president of the clubs moderated the two sessions. Members of batch 1 discussed how the loss of family and friends to the dreaded disease had resulted in a feeling of discontentment and heartbreak. They also spoke of how loss of livelihood, social distancing and lockdown has caused an increase in mental health issues including anxiety, trauma and depression. The session ended with a positive note shared by the president of the club who noted that we should be proud of each other for being resilient, persevering and relentless in overcoming this situation.
On the other hand, batch 2 discussed the just concluded Tokyo Olympics and whether it should have been called off. Students spoke about how the Olympics was a celebration of sports and a means of livelihood for many. Hence it may not be a wise decision to call off the event. Other members felt that considering the pandemic and the threat it posed, the event should have been called off. The session turned out to be an engaging and interactive one.