23rd December – Pre-primary kids celebrated Chritsmas adorning their santa caps.

Our little ones of Pre-primary were seen indulging in spreading happiness and joy in their own sweet way by celebrating

Students of Sr. KG learnt numbers through fun filled activities inside and outside classroom.

Learners of Sr.KG had fun filled Numeracy activities during the week as part of their curriculum. They were given a

Students of Pre-primary bid farewell to 2021 and welcomed 2022 in their own unique fun way.

New Year is a time where everybody thinks of treasuring the cheerful spirit of the moment. Children of Pre-primary bid

3rd Janaury 2022- students of Pre parimary were introduced to Animal Rescuers through skit.

"Pre-primary students had a great time seeing their teachers enact and perform for them. On 3rd January 2022, another new