On 6th November, young explorers delved into the intriguing world of waterproofing through an immersive, story-driven activity. Recognizing that children thrive through hands-on experiences, the adventure kicked off with the tale of a gingerbread man who, much to their dismay, discovered a pesky hole in their umbrella. The mission was clear: identify a suitable material to mend the umbrella and keep the gingerbread protagonist dry. To embark on this scientific journey, learners were encouraged to ponder and predict the most effective material for the task. Armed with curiosity, they unleashed small droplets of water onto various materials, each selected for its potential water-resistance. The challenge? Find a method to detect if water seeped through. As the droplets cascaded onto the chosen substances, a revelation unfolded. The paper towel succumbed to the water’s persistence, resulting in a telltale drip, while the cloth beneath the gingerbread man bore witness to dampness.