The Venalagadda Lake Cleaning Project Conference was a highly informative and inspiring event attended by all Grade 11 students of our school. It centered on the use of phytoremediation, a method that involves planting various species of plants to filter toxins from the lake water and restore its ecological health.

Colonel Kapoor delivered a keynote address, highlighting the potential of using plants to clean polluted water bodies. He shared insights into specific plants, such as water hyacinth, sunflowers, mustard, cat-tails, foxtails, and fast-growing aquatic weeds, which can effectively filter contaminants from the water. Colonel Kapoor also discussed the creation of wetlands using recycled materials like old plastic bottles, providing stability for the plants while contributing to recycling efforts.

This conference was an invaluable educational experience for our Grade 11 students, equipping them with practical knowledge for the Venalagadda Lake Cleaning Project. With Colonel Kapoor’s expertise and our Principal’s vision, we are optimistic that this project will have a significant positive impact on our local environment and serve as an inspiring example of ecological restoration in the years ahead.