Transforming from Phobia to Mania!
Suchitra School embraced the enchanting world of Mathematics with ‘Math Mania,’ a celebratory event held on December 22, 2023, in honour of National Mathematics Day. Dr. Mahendra B, a distinguished author of five National and International journals, graced the occasion as the esteemed guest. His captivating discussions unfolded the magical beauty and versatile applications of mathematics in architecture, music, dance, cooking, sports, and everyday life, instilling a profound love for the subject among students. The event’s primary objective was to inspire students to overcome any apprehensions towards mathematics, nurturing an enduring passion for the subject while emphasizing its practical applications in real life. Engaging participants from Grades IV-VII and Stages 4-7 across various schools, the four-day celebration featured a Math Artistry activity that seamlessly blended math with creativity. Teams earned materials by solving problems and utilized them to craft mathematical art projects within a stipulated time frame. The festivities reached their culmination with a grand prize distribution ceremony, wherein outstanding participants were duly acknowledged and rewarded for their remarkable achievements. ‘Math Mania’ succeeded not only in dispelling math phobia but also in transforming it into a vibrant mania, leaving a lasting impact on the students’ perception and appreciation of the enchanting world of mathematics.