Our school counselor, Ms Tanvi Sethia Lalwani attended a webinar conducted by The Teacher Foundation. It was a 3 day orientation programme on the Indian Social & Emotional Learning Framework (ISELF) and was conducted from 18th to 20th August, 2021. A huge area of social and emotional learning was covered including behaviors, competencies, strategies to nurture SEL (social & emotional learning) and various activities on the same. Various tasks were also given to all the participants like posting a video or an article about the topic spoken each day and discussing what others had posted. Adding on, breakout rooms were made with some team-building exercises thereby socializing, understanding each other in a better way and helping each one be aware of their capabilities and the areas where they could work upon. This session has aided her growth as an individual and as a professional, leading to a more promising approach towards the students by understanding and guiding them in a better way.