The last week of April had a bouquet of learning experiences for teachers.

Ms. Trisha Chakraborty, Vice Principal, conducted multiple workshops with various groups of teachers.

On 26th April, a Workshop on Lesson Planning was conducted.

A session on learning objectives, learning outcomes and lesson plan was conducted for all the teachers teaching Grades I to X on Monday, 26th April. The focus of the session was to build clarity on different terminologies used in lesson plans. The session was essential to establish a common understanding of the significance of lesson plan writing in order to achieve similar learning targets in the classroom across sections of a Grade in all subjects. Teachers are now putting all their efforts into creating lesson plans to meet their lesson objectives.

On 27th and 29th April, a Workshop on Mathematics was conducted for Grades I-VII and Stages.

Grades I-VII and Stages teachers had participated in a two-day workshop on Mathematics. The sessions were conducted on 27th and 29th April.

The central focus of the mathematics workshop was to take the teachers through a process of developing mathematical thinking in the classroom. The way to integrate meaningful play and use of real contexts in a Mathematics class was demonstrated using various examples.

The workshop takeaways will be seen when the teachers complete their assignments and consider the lesson ideas in their classrooms.

On 28th April, a session on how students’ choice and voice should be catered in a PBL classroom was conducted.

In a series of PBL workshops for Grades IV-VII teachers, the 2nd workshop was conducted on Thursday 28th April, focusing on how students’ choice and voice should be catered in a PBL classroom. Teachers were presented with an entry point of a topic that can generate curiosity in the class, leading to better student-driven meaningful assignments.

On 28th April, a training session for teachers on Appropriate Assignment Designing was conducted.

EVS, PBL, and Math teachers have gone through a training session on designing tasks for children that are meaningful, based on real-life context and challenges. The session was conducted on Thursday, 28th April. The session was also an attempt to have a shared understanding of Bloom’s Taxonomy that can help design tasks based on clear objectives.

 On 28th April, a session on Thinking Tools was organised for Grades I-VII and Stages teachers across subjects.

Visualization of what goes on in the mind or when one goes through a lesson is a skill children need to develop to make better connections and imagination. This is an essential skill that also helps to communicate ideas in a better way. On Thursday, 28th April, Grades I-VII and Stages teachers across subjects have gone through a session on Visual Thinking Tools that can make learning visible in the classroom.

 On 26th April,  the ICT department conducted a session for the Pre-Primary teachers on the use of various tools in technology.

Engaging students on the online platform requires a blend of changing and evolving. On 26th April, Monday, the ICT department conducted a session for the Pre-Primary teachers to equip them with youtube video and audio downloading process using the ytmp3 app.

The skill of uploading the files into the drive and embedding the video and audio into their presentations were some of the tech tools the teachers were empowered with for embracing the forthcoming academic session with ease. They were introduced to an online graphic designer platform Canva for designing flyers, posters, cards and many more. The easy-to-use features and functionality helped them to create a variety of engaging digital images. The session helped them to articulate exactly how a particular technology advances their goals.