The Student Reciprocal Exchange program is an integral part of Suchitra Academy as it provides unique opportunities to the students to immerse in diverse culture, broaden their horizon and develop skills for a rapidly changing global scenario. The first Reciprocal international Student Exchange program of Suchitra Academy saw five Suchitrans travel to Italy in May. The reciprocal visit saw a group of Italian students travel to Suchitra Academy to a heart-warming welcome. The Italian students’ 10-day visit was power packed with energy, humour, city exploration, and, of course, Italian cheese!
The highlight of the Italian visit was the spectacular presentation of Italian culture on the ITALY DAY thus capping off the exchange programme.
The Suchitran Reciprocal International Student Exchange Programs are designed to enable every Suchitran to embrace differences while celebrating similarities thus enabling them to emerge as confident, responsible and sensitised global citizens.
Kudos to the very first five Suchitrans who have written the very first page in the history of our School.