Mystery of the Mansion!

“ Hey, Robert what are you doing? Mom told us to do our project then why are you playing with Rover,” scolded Albert.  “Sorry, I was just bored by doing the project alone so let’s do the project together when Sarah, Tony and Julia come”, replied Robert.

When he finished uttering the last of his words Tony, Julia and Sarah walked in and Julia said, “ I’ve got some great news, we’re all taking a plane to a jungle in California to complete our project so pack your bags and sleep as we are leaving early tomorrow.”

When they reached the airport they all ate a large pizza and drank cool drinks and waited for their plane . When they boarded the plane they were undoubtedly excited because it was their first time going on a plane for so long without their father or mother.

They reached the California airport and where a  car was waiting for them. After driving for 3 hours they reached their hotel and they all went to their rooms, put their bags there, took a nap, and then met in Sarah’s room. “ Let’s all go to the Jungle and finish our project first and then go exploring” suggested Sarah. “Yeah, that’s best, first finish our Project and then go exploring” remarked Tony who was the eldest .

They met at the lobby and Tony warned, “ Be together and be careful because there are wild animals roaming all around”. While they were leaving a boy called out to them “ Hello, I am Samuel but you can call me Sam, I was just telling you that don’t go near the mansion in the forest because whoever goes inside that mansion never comes out’’.

They were deep in the jungle when they saw a beautiful mansion. They wondered who lived in that, so all of them forgot Sam’s warning and knocked on the door. There was no response so Julia shouted “ Hello is anybody in because I just want to say  your mansion is very beautiful!”

There was no response again, so they all pushed the door and it opened. They all went inside to find another door, so they again pushed it and there they saw a dragon. All of them except Tony got scared. He touched the dragon on its head and surprisingly the dragon spoke: “ You are the bravest person I’ve ever seen so let me give you a gift . Take this chest full of Gold, Rubies and diamonds”.

 “Thank you kind dragon but why are you giving this chest to me when so many people came to this mansion”? “Tony you are the only person who was brave enough to come closer to me and so this chest is your gift,  and also if you take it my curse will be broken so please take the chest !”

Indeed, it was a mysterious mansion and a great project trip!!