An integrated learning session for the students of Stage 3 was conducted on 16th March, 2022 on the Global Perspective topic “Looking at our school”. The School Career Counselor, Mr. Delin Mathew came forward and gave an interesting presentation on the various booming career options. Students were delighted to know about various education fields, interesting subjects that they can take in the future and the focus was given on points that would help students to choose a career. The session was further made interactive by discussing the questions raised by the students.
Feedback by Mr. Delin
“I really enjoyed conducting the session. This is the first time in my life I am conducting a Career Guidance session for students below 10 years. To be honest, initially I was quite apprehensive. However, the students were so responsive and so engrossed in the entire session that later I wished I had more time in hand. The questions posed by the students were of very high thinking order. I would like to highlight, I noticed that almost all the students had very good digital etiquettes. My appreciation to the teachers for imbibing such good etiquettes in them at such a young age. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope it will be beneficial to the students.”