Stage 2 learners thought and discussed how abandoned animals were taken care of with team Deven’s Hope. This was an interactive session for children to understand that there are volunteers from organizations who come forward to take care of injured and abandoned animals. Learners raised questions about how the organization gets information about a hurt animal, how they are treated, what their diet includes, what kind of animals they treat, who treats them, etc. Learners were curious to understand about adopting these animals and taking responsibilities to help these animals live a safe life. Arush and Gavya shared their adoption stories and introduced their pets Roxy and Kiwi. These stories inspired their friends to get thoughtful about the idea of adoption.
The learners were very thoughtful about the quote “It’s their world too” and as a part of their GP presentation worked on 3 environmental projects to help animals-
1. HAPPY BIRDS, by making bird feeders.
2. DOG RESCUE, by making posters.
3. WONDER GARDEN, by creating a happy habitat for insects.
Learners were interested to understand the problems faced by animals living around us and explored ways in which taking small responsibilities as an individual was considered important. They worked collaboratively in groups of 4-5, planned projects using each other’s ideas and implemented them successfully. The pictures say it all!!! They also used their posters to create awareness by making it their whatsapp display pictures.