Experiential learning focuses on learners reflecting on their experience of doing something so as to gain conceptual insight as well as practical expertise. Stage 1 learners were engaged in the experiential learning of the germination of plants in Science. They enquired that plants need both light and water to survive. Learners took two plastic glasses and then they planted few ‘moong daal’ seeds in both glasses with some cotton. One glass they placed outside their class in a pot that gets a lot of sunlight and air, and the other glass inside their cubbyhole with no light, water or air. Over the next few days, learners took responsibility for watering their plants placed outside. Every few days, learners made observations of their growing plant and measured the stem and roots using a standard unit – scale. After taking each measurement, learners recorded the growth of their plant day-wise. They concluded that seeds grow into a young plants with the help of sunlight, air and water. However, seeds in darkness and closed areas do not show the same growth.