Stage 1 learners investigated the property of waterproofing with the help of a story cum experiment that focuses on whether materials are waterproof. The activity began with a story about the Gingerbread Man who had discovered that this umbrella had a hole in it. Children were encouraged to think and suggest a solution to fix the problem. What sort of material would they think would be the
best to keep the Gingerbread Man dry? Learners began their investigation by making predictions. They started pouring small droplets of water onto each material and chose a way of seeing if the water leaks through. When they placed a paper towel the water started dripping through and the cloth became wet underneath the Gingerbread Man. They concluded that some materials do not let any water pass through them and the name for this property is ‘waterproof, such materials are used in the making of umbrellas, raincoats and
gumboots. Later on, children recorded their findings in their Science notebooks.