Last Christmas was the best Christmas ever! Early morning when I went to the Christmas tree, I found a  gift from Santa!  When I opened the gift box, I found an ALIEN TOY!

I loved it and started playing with it every day. One day when I was playing with it in the garden, there came a sudden storm and a drop of rain fell on my alien toy and guess what happened…..My ALIEN TOY came alive! It shook my hand and we soon became best friends.  I named him FUZZY.

Fuzzy started following me everywhere. He would sit by my side while I ate my meals and also during my study time. He would also sleep by my side. We started doing a lot of fun things together like skating and karate but the best time was when we enjoyed music together. I would play the guitar and he would play the drums. We were amazingly awesome together.

Then one day when we were playing outside, again a drop of rain fell on Fuzzy and he turned into a toy. Now I am waiting every day for Fuzzy to come alive again.

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