Another email popped into my inbox. Brushing it aside I continued to work. Suddenly the two words caught my attention, BOOK- JUDGE. I read and reread. Many parallels got connected. It was an invite to judge the TALK A BOOK competition for the tiny tots. I was excited. Reading being a passion I waited eagerly for the D-Day. Books were a huge influence on me. They taught me so much about love, life and everything in between. I judged the competition with so much thrill and thought. I wanted to take some time to reflect on their performances. The participants taught me so much about life and these are my takeaways.
1. Design your journey every step of the way.
The most important thing I have learned from the children is that the road to happiness and success isn’t paved by doing what everyone else does, or accepting what someone tells you is your path. It is paved by discovering your talents and passionately building upon them.
2. Develop the ability to handle discomfort.
The smile on the participants’ faces who hadn’t won had taught me, just because something didn’t go your way doesn’t mean life is terrible or that you have failed. It just means that you have an experience under your belt. So, take a breath, keep your mind open and look around you-if things aren’t going the way you had originally planned, maybe there’s another way for those things to play out and maybe it will be even better than you thought.
3. Life is only as difficult and complicated as you make it.
The cute kids had to make their presence felt and that too virtually. They were not bothered about surroundings, of the little sibling’s cry, the whistle of the cooker in the kitchen, nor the loud Daddy’s voice. They were just focused. They were talented and they had to express themselves. We often find ourselves making our lives complicated. It all starts with the several ifs and buts we often think of instead of being focused. The participants taught me to be focused on this moment because it is all there is-and it is enough.
Sometimes the very best lessons are just wrapped up into your daily tasks. We need to find them, handle them with care and just enjoy!!
Latha. V
Coordinator-English Language Development