Inspirational educator Jack Hanna once said, ‘The world is a true classroom’, and our Grade VI students wholeheartedly embraced this notion. They completed their third Science-based PBL (Project-Based Learning) inquiry on 30th September 2023, delving into the question, ‘How do I connect my classroom learning to the real world?’ In their pursuit of answers, these enthusiastic learners skilfully articulated the vocabulary and context necessary to explain their daily life experiences and observations. With creativity and enthusiasm, the students transformed their newfound knowledge into a diverse range of final products. These included simple yet impactful demonstrations, models, and charts, all designed to illustrate key concepts. Their projects covered a spectrum of scientific topics, from reversible to irreversible changes, sorting and separation of materials, to the intricacies of light, electric circuits, and the basics of magnetism.
Notably, the students exhibited a remarkable level of enthusiasm and confidence in presenting their work. Their dedication to bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications was truly commendable.