Grade X Students’ and Parents’ Orientation session took place on 9th September, 2023. This event was a significant step in our ongoing commitment to providing guidance and support as our students and their parents make important decisions about their future academic and career paths. The session commenced with a warm and heartfelt welcome from our esteemed Principal, Ms. Deepa Kapoor. She conveyed the purpose and significance of the orientation session, setting the stage for an informative and engaging day. Additionally, she announced an exciting new partnership with GRADVINE, which promises to enhance our students’ educational experiences even further.
Mr. Suraj, the Co-founder of GRADVINE, shared his extensive knowledge and insights into a wide range of career options and fields of study. His presentation provided both students and parents with a comprehensive overview of the exciting possibilities that await them in Grade XI and beyond.
Ms. Mary, Head Middle and Senior School, delivered a highly informative presentation outlining the strategic plan for the upcoming academic year. She discussed essential elements such as syllabus completion, effective preparation strategies, and the importance of thorough revision. Her insights were invaluable in helping students and parents prepare for the academic challenges ahead.
In addition, Ms. Mousumi, Head of Senior Secondary, shed light on the multidisciplinary life skills that students can expect to acquire in Grades XI and XII. Her presentation emphasized the holistic development that Suchitra Academy strives to foster. We are dedicated to ensuring that our students not only excel academically but also become well-rounded individuals who are fully equipped to face the challenges of the real world.