Tarini Ramchandani of Grade VIII C has been on the top of the Whitehat leader board since she started learning coding since July 2020. When she got a physical certificate and personalized business cards from Whitehat after her consistent performance, she contacted the company to request them to consider using digital options (such as advising their achievers to consider using digital certificates and visiting cards ). This would help minimize Covid 19 transmission which is a possibility in exchanging physical documents and also reduce the carbon footprint incurred in the extraction of resources, printing and transportation of the physical collaterals. Instead she recommended that the achievers be given the option of donating the money earned corresponding to the points earned – for social causes. Tarini is aware of the challenges faced by waste pickers (who are mostly women and children). The Covid19 crisis has left them is a state of deep financial crisis. So she wanted her points and the money saved by digitizing the collaterals to be donated to waste pickers. Her idea of allowing children to actually use their achievements to improve the situation of the lesser privileged was greatly appreciated and has been implemented by Whitehat Jr.