Pre-Primary celebrated blue colour day on 16th July. It had a positive influence on the little ones, bringing in joy and cheer to the classroom. Sr. KG children were all excited to show the blue colour objects they could grab around their homes. This was followed by a fun activity – Bursting of Balloons. Then they played a riddle game. Parents were incredibly happy and expressed their joy by sharing their thoughts. It never ceases to amaze them, the unique ways followed at Suchitra Academy to engage children. The fun filled day came to an end with a Pacman game. Clad in shades of blue, Jr. KG students were made to recognize the colour blue through various games and play-way activities. An array of blue coloured objects were at display thus providing the students an opportunity to have a clear understanding of the colour. A fun day is incomplete without singing and dancing with peers. Children of Nursery were not far behind in coming dressed in blue with their favourite blue colour toys. They all looked adorable and had a lot of fun seeing all the things that come in blue colour. They enjoyed singing and dancing with the teacher. It was indeed a visual treat to see the good effects of blue colour on our little ones.